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You will need to provide the following information:

Copy and Paste all of the text below into an E-Mail. Answer all questions as completely as you can. Be sure to Sign and Date it at the Bottom.

Click Here for an E-Mail Form

1} Full Name, Address, Phone number and Email Address

2} Name of the casino and your account #

3} Amount you are owed and method of deposit you used.

4} Amount you deposited & amount of any related bonuses.

5} A description of why they say you have not been paid.

6} Your description of why you are not being paid.

7} Let us know if you have enlisted the help of another service.

**Don't send us on an Easter Egg Hunt! Tell the entire story and don't forget little things like, "Well, it WAS my girlfriends credit card!"  Some minor infractions on your part can be resolved if your are straight up with us. It can make a difference in how we would approach a mutual agreement, so please, give ALL the facts and don't misuse this service. Just tell the whole story as honestly as you can.

YOU AGREE To The Following:

By sending the enclosed information to the Gambling Players Association, you specifically understand, agree and authorize the G.P.A. to discuss your casino account listed above with the casino listed above. All of your information will remain confidential and will not be shared without your permission. 

You also agree to pay or allow the casino to withhold and pay the G.P.A. a sum equal to 10% of the amount collected. This is a suggested amount and IS NOT mandatory.

The minimum suggested contribution for ANY single collection is $25.00. In the event that there are multiple claims from the membership against the same casino, the 10% rule is suggested.

Agreed to by:




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