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General Understanding

The Gambling Players Association is an information resource dedicated to Online Gambling. Our information is based solely on Real Money Players. All information has been substantiated and verified as to their experiences with Online Casinos and Sportsbooks. 

The Approved Casino and Sportsbook Listings are in no way influenced or tainted by receiving fees from Casinos for inclusion into this directory. Any Casino that has been chosen by the Organization will be allowed to display a banner, and link for verification at their Casino if they so desire. 

The Caution Advisory Listings will be similar to the process for inclusion to the Players Directory;  for a casino to be placed on the Advisory list, it must be put to a vote by the membership first. No casino will be placed for a vote until all reasonable avenues for an amiable solution have been exhausted. 

The primary mission of this site is to provide honest players with an opportunity to assemble a large working directory of casinos that have met their standards and not the standards of various portal operators or sites with a profit motivated agenda. 

In as much as we will maintain a current Advisory List, our focus is on compiling the List of Trusted and Honest Casinos. If it is not on the Approved List, you will be playing there at your own discretion. We will assist in procuring payment for any of our members.  The site should not be used to avenge fair losses or to promote any other personal agendas.

Guidelines for collections are as follows: We will make every effort to collect all amounts due. It is suggested that you pay 10% of the amount collected. It is not mandatory! These funds can be used by the membership to reward the volunteers or any other worthwhile purpose as so directed by a vote of the members. Needless to say, if nothing is collected, nothing is owed.

By using the Supporting Webmaster links, this will  greatly aid in resolving complaints when they arise.

This Directory IS for Players created by Players!

"Through the cooperation of Portals, Players and Casinos....
We can make a difference!"

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